Burdock Salad ごぼうサラダ

This is a typical Izakaya( Japanese gastropub ish?) dish! Nice and cheerful 🙂  Slice burdock and carrot and bring to a boil briefly.  Marinate them with mayonnaise( I used vegan one), hint of soy sauce, unrefined sugar and grated sesame.  Get on really well with beer! 🙂


Burdock fried キンピラゴボウ

I found Gobo or Burdock in Asian shop near by today so decided to cook this classic dish. Use knife or peeler for slicing Burdock and soak it in water for few minuets until the water become dark. This way to get rid of harshness of the roots.  Slice carrot to similar sizes too.  Fry them with sesame seed oil, add chopped of chili, unrefined sugar and soy sauce. You can still enjoy it cold next day too! 🙂


Ochazuke お茶漬け

This is an another typical rice dish from  Japan. Place the ingredients on op of a bowl rice and hot green tea is poured over them.  It usually associated with grilled fish but this is a vegan version using Ume, Nori , wasabi and Shiso leaf…

Its commonly eaten as a light meal especially after few drinks! Is it an equivalent of Kebab here in UK!?:)

Vegan Okonomiyaki お好み焼き

Craving Okonomiyaki often as I am from Kansai area in Japan:)   I arranged much healthier way using Buckwheat instead of normal wheat! Using  Chia seed to replacement of egg which makes the pastry stick together.

How to make Okonomiyaki sauce, please refer to yakisoba page…



Grilled Aubergine 焼きナス

In Japan, at least in my family, we eat this dish a lot during Summer.  Nice and easy side dish.  Just grilled a whole aubergine and peal the skin when its cooked.  Eat with grated ginger and soy sauce.

There is a proverb in Japan that “Don’t feed Autumn Aubergine to wife”. Aubergine keep your body cool, its good to eat during Summer time but not suited in Autumn as the temperature getting cooler. So it’s not taking away the delicious food away from your wives, caring them 😉