Sugina or Horsetail for wellbeing

It contains full of minerals, vitamins, enzyme, chlorophyll, saponin and it is believed that improve blood circulation and digestion and good for skin and hair, kidneys, liver and diabetes. You can have it as a tea, poultice or a bath with it!

 When and where can I harvest it?

Pick it on early sunny morning in May or June(late Spring), you may still pick it afterwards but other plants grow so that it might be difficult to pick.

choose ones grow in forest or nature- make sure not been sprayed.

  1. Wash them really really well with running water
  2. Dry them under shed(do not leave under sun) on sunny day until dried.
  3. Cut or grind them

How to keep them..

Keep them in a washed and dried glass jar in dried and cool place. Avoid direct sun.

Not well? Try Sea salt wrap

Good for stomachache, diarrhea, lower backache, throat pain, minor food poisoning

Salt is Yan property and when you heat it, it becomes more Yan. It effects for those pain which comes from Yin. Easy to follow and you can use the salt up to 10 times again.

  1. Dry roast (without oil)400~500g of sea salt for 10 minutes with deep pan.
  2. Put them into a thick cotton bag.
  3. Wrap with towel and control the temperature- not too hot please!
  4. Place it on effected area until it gets cold.