Its getting cooler and cooler here… Very nice Autumn comfort:)

I posted Amazake shake before.

This is a classic version of Amazake.  Heat Amazake with low heat and add greated ginger in the end for an extra warmness.

Almond and Sesame Tofu アーモンド胡麻豆腐

We don’t have any flavoured Tofu in Japan. I wasn’t sure when I  saw this Tofu at the first time. I didn’t imagine what the taste like. Tofu suppose to be  no taste, that’s why you can fit for most of Japanese cuisine!

I remember one of my English friend used to say that Tofu were so bland and couldn’t stand it.  Well if majority of English(Western) people have a similar opinion then this is the answer I guess!  I must admit that I love this Almond & Sesame Tofu so much. 😉  Well done!

Ginger Power!

Gingers are great! Its good for internally also good for externally.

Ginger Compression

You may treat for stiff shoulders or painful neck with it. Use the water for foot bath afterwards. You may find the clolour of water become dark after soaking your feet!

What you need

  • fresh ginger 50g
  • Water 1L
  • Sauce pan
  • Face towel
  • Muslin bag
  • Pair of rubber gloves
  1. Grate ginger with skin and place in muslin bag
  2. Bring water to a boil until 70 C/158F then add muslin bag
  3. Simmer but keep the temperature 70C for 5 minutes
  4. Soak face towel for few minutes and wring out- careful hot water
  5. Apply on effected area and leave until get cold
  6. Repeat it for several time
  7. Wipe the skin with cold water

How many times do you chew each mouthful of food?


When I was a child, my dad used to say that I should chew at least 30times each mouthful of food. If you chew very well each month hold, it may increase a blood circulation 20% more. And also there is a theory that it might prevent to develop serious illness as it increase digestion fluid more and ease stomach and intestine to digest. According to the theory, human mouth can recognize/ distinguish small size as a micron or solidity as a milligram differences and teeth is one of the crucial part of that. So why not eat slowly and chew well from your next meal!

Make your own probiotics drink

I have started to grow water kefir again.  Its so easy and healthy to do it  and I can feel my bowl movement changed dramatically!

There are few tips to follow…

What you need:

  • Some Water Kefir grain- you can start few table spoon of grain
  • A 1L non metal jar- sterilised each time
  • A non metal spoon- wooden or plastic
  • A non metal sieve
  • 800ml Filtered tap water or Coconut water
  • Few tea spoon of unrefined sugar- honey is big No No!

Place the sugar to the jar and water or coconut water and stir well until sugar melt.  Add kefir grain with spoon slowly. The grains need sugar to cultivate.

Leave the jar out side of the fridge but avoid direct sun. Keep it for 24hours to 48hours then you will see little bubbles are started to come out.

Drain Kefir with non metal sieve and keep the water. Wash the grain well with filtered water and keep the grain in the fridge.

Add your favourite fruits inside the water. Its ready after keeping in the fridge for 12hours. Oranges, grapes, berries, kiwis are great in kefir drink!

Sun Dried Tomatoes

It is so easy to make Sun dried tomatoes by yourself. Cut Organic plum or cherry tomatoes in halves, place them on a basket laid a kitchen paper on,  sprinkle a pinch of sea salt, leave them under the Sun for 5 -7days! That’s it! Obviously you need good Sunny days for that but drying inside somewhere like a sunny kitchen window can be done as well. Make sure well ventilated and avoid bugs.

Viva Daizu大豆 or Soybeans!

Soybeans are packed with nutrients and are an essential part of the Japanese diet. People in Japan eat 180 times more soybeans on average than their US counterparts.  This is the ways soy contributes to better health and longevity.  soy’s role in preventing muscle atrophy and other age-related conditions too.


How to cook Daizu

You can keep cooked daizu in the freezer up to 2 months! I usually cook a bulk of them and separate in small plastic bags so that you can use one by one .

  • Dried soya beans 250g
  • Water about 6 cups for soaking…

Wash beans and soak in plenty of water over night – keep in the fridge in summer time.


Place the water and beans and bring to a boil with medium heat. Once boiled, leave lid open and cook for about few hours until soft with small heat. Make sure the beans keep covered in water at all time.



Place the beans in steamer and steam with small heat for about few hours until get soft. Make sure there is plenty of water in the bottom of the steamer.


Pressure cooker

Put beans and the same water in the pressure cooker and cook with high heat.Once pressure is on, reduce the heat to small for about 7 mins until cooked.