Vegan Okonomiyaki お好み焼き

Craving Okonomiyaki often as I am from Kansai area in Japan:)   I arranged much healthier way using Buckwheat instead of normal wheat! Using  Chia seed to replacement of egg which makes the pastry stick together.

How to make Okonomiyaki sauce, please refer to yakisoba page…


Inarizushi or Beancurd sushi Part two いなり寿司バージョン2

This is a dedication to my dear friend who was apart to a heavenly realm few weeks ago. Before you left us, you read my blog and wanted to try my Inarizushi.   This is a different version from what you saw.  I add Hijiki simmer inside this time.  Hope you enjoy them wherever you are without any guilt or stomach upsetting! Lots of love to you…

Spicy Veg Fried Noodle焼きそば Yakisoba

Perfect for a warm summer day! Add a hint of Chili sauce to open your sinus open and sweat more! You can’t resist the smell of sauce.

Yakisoba sauce: Tomato pure, Dashi, Vegan Worcester sauce , soya sauce、Mirin, unrefined sugar…. Simmer all of them for about 10mins.

Cook noodle(I used normal spaghetti for that), fry Vegetables add Yakisoba sauce and cook with it for few minuets or so..


Sticky Natto and Okura Gohan 納豆とオクラご飯

My favourite  super fast food. 🙂 Just add sliced Okura and Natto  and dash of soy sauce mix together and add it on warm rice.

Okura, this slimy vegetable gives you full of power. They say it may  improve immune System, blood circulation and help bowl movement.