Sweet Kidney bean paste 餡子

I was talking with my 90 years old granny yesterday. Adzuki bean paste is one of her favourite sweets. Her passion towards Adzuki inspired me to cook this. However I couldn’t find adzuki beans in my cupboard but kidney beans so give a go! To my surprise, its very similar to adzuki and wouldn’t notice the different if somebody served me as a adzuki!

  • A tin of kidney beans
  • 20g of unrefined sugar

Drain water of the tin and place the beans in a sauce pan. Add sugar and simmer for about 15mins.  Mash the paste. Sieve it with a cheese cloth if you prefer a smoother taste.

Fluffy Chocolate Kinako Pancakes ふわふわきな粉パンケーキ

I went for a walk to near nature reserve this morning and picked lots of Black berries.  I made simple pancakes with Chocolate with Kinako or Roasted soy flour.   It tastes bit nutty than normal flour and of course much healthier.