Almond and Sesame Tofu アーモンド胡麻豆腐

We don’t have any flavoured Tofu in Japan. I wasn’t sure when I  saw this Tofu at the first time. I didn’t imagine what the taste like. Tofu suppose to be  no taste, that’s why you can fit for most of Japanese cuisine!

I remember one of my English friend used to say that Tofu were so bland and couldn’t stand it.  Well if majority of English(Western) people have a similar opinion then this is the answer I guess!  I must admit that I love this Almond & Sesame Tofu so much. 😉  Well done!

2 thoughts on “Almond and Sesame Tofu アーモンド胡麻豆腐

    • Tsubaki cookery says:

      I think you are one of the lucky one who can appreciate and taste of Tofu well! I found Mango flavour Tofu in the same shop the other day. Although I am a Tofu lover but need a bit courage for that but I will eventually!


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