Ginger Power!

Gingers are great! Its good for internally also good for externally.

Ginger Compression

You may treat for stiff shoulders or painful neck with it. Use the water for foot bath afterwards. You may find the clolour of water become dark after soaking your feet!

What you need

  • fresh ginger 50g
  • Water 1L
  • Sauce pan
  • Face towel
  • Muslin bag
  • Pair of rubber gloves
  1. Grate ginger with skin and place in muslin bag
  2. Bring water to a boil until 70 C/158F then add muslin bag
  3. Simmer but keep the temperature 70C for 5 minutes
  4. Soak face towel for few minutes and wring out- careful hot water
  5. Apply on effected area and leave until get cold
  6. Repeat it for several time
  7. Wipe the skin with cold water

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