Too much Veges’s Vegan Ramen 野菜ラーメン

I determined to have a nice Vegan Ramen since this morning so I did! If you know how to make a basic Dashi  or then it should be so easy! I put far too much of vegetables so you won’t see the noodle, oops! 🙂


What you need…

  • lots of garlic and ginger – chopped
  • 1 TBS of miso-  my friend Chihiro’s homemade!
  • dash of soysauce
  • salt and pepper
  • a cup of Oats milk
  • vegetables- beans sprout, spring onion and sweet corn traditionally!
  • a cup of dashi
  • noodle
  • sesame oil

Making soup

Fry garlic and ginger with sesame oil in a deep pan. Add vegetables till half cooked. Pour dashi and milk and bring to a boil.

Cooking noodle

cook noodle in a different pan.  Drain water and place noodle and pour over the soup in a bowl.




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