Chawanmushi茶碗蒸し or Steamed savory cup

Simple & healthy traditional Japanese dish. My old time favourite!


  • Egg large 1
  • Dashi 120cc
  • Mirin Tea spoon 1/2
  • Soya sauce Tea spoon 1/2

Your favorite vegetables: i.e

  • shiitake mushroom 2
  • Carrot 1
  • Runner beans 4
  • Spinach 4 small leaves
  • Ginko nuts few


  1. Slice vegetables thinly
  2. Beat egg in a bowl and add dashi, mirin and soya sauce and mix very well.
  3. Sieve the liquid well.
  4. Place the vegetables in a big mug cup and add the sieved liquid slowly.
  5. Break bubbles on surface.
  6. Wrap cups with foil as a lid
  7. Bring to a boil in a large pan up to the half cup.
  8. Once it boil, reduce heat to very low and add the cups in the pan and cover lid for 7mins
  9. Turn the heat off, keep the lid on and another 7 mins.

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