Traditional Japanese Superfood Natto 納豆

Natto is one of a Japanese super food! Its originated and traditional food in Japan. It’s a fermented food made of soya beans and rich in natural enzyme. Well I met only few Non Japanese people who like it as it has a certain characteristic flavor and sticky texture like a spider web!  Put you off?? 🙂 Its traditionally eaten with rice but you can add it on toast or pasta too.


  • Dried organic soya beans 400g
  • A pack of natto – usually frozen (you can buy from Oriental shop)
  • Water enough to cover whole beans

What you need:

  • Few plastic containers 3cm deep
  • Clean tea towels
  • Thermos cool box
  • Hot bottles
  • Blankets


  1. Wash beans and soak over night.
  2. Boil beans until get soft. It usually takes few hours.
  3. Drain water and add the packet of frozen natto while its hot and mix really well.
  4. Put them in the containers and cover with tea towel- do not cover the lid.
  5. Keep them in a warm for 18hours to 24hours in warm place! e.g. above boiler. I usually use hot bottles.


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