Japanese Tradicional Super Food Ume  梅干しor Japanese Plums

Ahem! I would like to introduce my “life saver ” Umeboshi to you! Umeboshi are pickled of Ume or Japanese plums. There are hundreds of properties of it, such as good for digestion, keep your blood pressure normal, prevent sickness many more… Basically one Umeboshi keeps doctor away!

When I was travelling around Katmandu in Nepal many years ago, I had a terrible diarrhea for a month. All I ate came out from other end immediately. I went to Ayurvedic (Traditional Indian herbal medical) doctor and homeopathy, but didn’t work. I really didn’t want to go but there was no choice so I went to a western hospital and was prescribed anti-biotic. I was expected it would cure my condition immediately but … nothing …. I tried few different types of anti-biotic but again, no sign of recovering. Then I started to panic, even anti-biotic doesn’t work, what does that mean? I already lost 15 KG within few weeks, if I kept losing my weight…

Another a week past, symptom still remains the same.

One day I was walking down street to go to my usually hang out Japanese restaurant which served me a special food for sickness people with the owner’s favor, I bumped into an old friend of mine from Japan who was also travelling in Nepal. I didn’t have much energy left to appreciate this coincidence. My friend spotted I was something wrong soon and I explained the situation. She took me to her guesthouse and gave me some Umeboshi, which her grandmother made for her just before her setting off travel. Within the same day, I already felt I was 50 % better, then next day I was fine and first day in the month I didn’t need to run to the bathroom!


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