Make your own probiotics drink

I have started to grow water kefir again.  Its so easy and healthy to do it  and I can feel my bowl movement changed dramatically!

There are few tips to follow…

What you need:

  • Some Water Kefir grain- you can start few table spoon of grain
  • A 1L non metal jar- sterilised each time
  • A non metal spoon- wooden or plastic
  • A non metal sieve
  • 800ml Filtered tap water or Coconut water
  • Few tea spoon of unrefined sugar- honey is big No No!

Place the sugar to the jar and water or coconut water and stir well until sugar melt.  Add kefir grain with spoon slowly. The grains need sugar to cultivate.

Leave the jar out side of the fridge but avoid direct sun. Keep it for 24hours to 48hours then you will see little bubbles are started to come out.

Drain Kefir with non metal sieve and keep the water. Wash the grain well with filtered water and keep the grain in the fridge.

Add your favourite fruits inside the water. Its ready after keeping in the fridge for 12hours. Oranges, grapes, berries, kiwis are great in kefir drink!

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