Viva Daizu大豆 or Soybeans!

Soybeans are packed with nutrients and are an essential part of the Japanese diet. People in Japan eat 180 times more soybeans on average than their US counterparts.  This is the ways soy contributes to better health and longevity.  soy’s role in preventing muscle atrophy and other age-related conditions too.


How to cook Daizu

You can keep cooked daizu in the freezer up to 2 months! I usually cook a bulk of them and separate in small plastic bags so that you can use one by one .

  • Dried soya beans 250g
  • Water about 6 cups for soaking…

Wash beans and soak in plenty of water over night – keep in the fridge in summer time.


Place the water and beans and bring to a boil with medium heat. Once boiled, leave lid open and cook for about few hours until soft with small heat. Make sure the beans keep covered in water at all time.



Place the beans in steamer and steam with small heat for about few hours until get soft. Make sure there is plenty of water in the bottom of the steamer.


Pressure cooker

Put beans and the same water in the pressure cooker and cook with high heat.Once pressure is on, reduce the heat to small for about 7 mins until cooked.


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